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Why Performance % Complete doesn't roll up in Primavera P6?

Despite having  Performance % Complete value for all the activities within a WBS level, you may not see a rolled up value for that WBS level. 

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What is the Formula to Calculate Schedule Percent Complete in Primavera P6?

The Schedule % Complete in Primavera P6 specifies how much of the activity's baseline duration has been completed so far. Computed based on where the current data date falls between the activity's baseline start and finish dates.

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How progress should be represented?

How do you read the status of this activity? It looks like blue actual bar is not truly representing activity progress as it is more than 20% of total bar length.

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Setting XER import configurations in Primavera P6

As some of the project data within XER export files are part of global metadata or dictionaries, users need to be cautious when importing XER files coming from a subcontractor or client. XER files may include codes, calendars or resources with IDs/names same as the ones in your database.

In order to make sure that imported data is not colliding and overwriting with your global data, import process can be configured to add everything in the export files as new records.

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Unifier OpenOffice Extension Installation Guide

Primavera Unifier OpenOffice Extension is a tool for Unifier Administrators to fetch, create and update Unifier BP records. Here is the Unifier OpenOffice Extension Installation Guide.

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A utility to import/export P6 data

Import P6 data including WBS, activity codes, resources, unit prices etc. from Excel spreadsheets easily with our utility: PRMTransfer.

A replacement for the old Primavera SDK based import

As Primavera SDK is not supported with recent Primavera P6 releases this utility may replace SDK based Excel sheets we used to utilize. PRMTransfer facilitates Primavera API for bi-directional data exchange.

Click here to download it!


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